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WriPoMo Day 9

I'm breaking my routine and making this poem-a-day public because I think it might help people. Take and give comfort today, my friends.

A poem will save the world.
Maybe not this poem
maybe not today
but a poem will save the world.
Maybe it’s already been written
committed to heart and passed on
for generations
the poem that will save the world.
Or maybe the poet is still
staring at the words
wondering whether it’s enough.
Maybe the poem isn’t written yet.
Maybe the poet is stuck in traffic
or after-school detention
or a prison cell.
Maybe the poet isn’t born yet
or even conceived.
Maybe the poem that will save the world
will only be published in an email chain
that wraps around the world
in a relentless hug.
Maybe the poem
is set to music
or hidden in a painting
or captured in a photograph.
Maybe it’s a fanvid
or some form of future tech
I’ll never get to witness.
But it’s out there, I know.
Past present or future
perhaps some quantum state of all three
it exists and it will be free
and so will we
because a poem will save the world.

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Thank you for this.
The little bit I can do to keep the faith.

The work is never done, but some of us need a break.
Thank you
Thank you for reading and commenting.
*nodding* Well done.
Thanks, Eric.

Today is somehow harder, don't you think?
*sending you strength*
thank you. one single word can save the world. your poem speaks to me.
Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope is hard to hold onto, but we must.
These days are hard, but this rings with hope. Thanks for the light you shine.
You're welcome. It's a full-body struggle to hold onto hope, and sometimes I lose my grip. Poetry helps me get it back.