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Spec Poems Reading Recs

The deadline for Rhysling nominations is Feb 15. I'm very grateful to see "Una Canción de Keys" among the long-form nominees. Thank you, Bogi!

Thanks also to everyone who provided eligibility posts, which made it much easier for me to remember when and where I read your poetry. (My depression affects my memory, so if you're still sheepish about doing eligibility posts, consider it a matter of providing equal access for some disabled readers.) No doubt I've still missed important, impressive work, especially if it appeared solely in print. I've also enjoyed much work not listed below. (Some were already on the ballot; some were by folks already much acclaimed/recognized; etc.)

I've indicated the poems I'm nominating with an asterisk. I've grouped the poems as long or short, but I only eyeballed line counts, so please verify the proper category when nominating.

Short Works

It's a Universal Picture by Gwynne Garfinkle in Mythic Delirium*
The devil riding your back by Gabby Reed in Liminality (Her first poetry sale!)
You Are Here by Bogi Takács in Strange Horizons (already nominated, but I can't help but point to it again, emphatically; this poem is emblematic of what spec poetry can do and should be celebrated)
The rivers, the birch groves, all the receding earth by Rose Lemberg in Strange Horizons
After the Mistress of the Copper Mountain by Rose Lemberg in Through the Gate [I'd originally put this in the Long category, but I was wrong]
The Nerve Harp by Mat Joiner in Stone Telling
Coyolxauhqui by Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas in Stone Telling
Nisei by Beth Cato in Mythic Delirium

Long Works

Scales by Ruth Jenkins in Stone Telling (Truly, I don't know if this fits in the long or short category [ETA: according to this blog post, "Scales" really is a Long poem.] Like Bogi's "You Are Here," this poem is a stunning example of what spec poetry can do when poets utilize the technology available to us; not sure how this could possibly be reproduced in the Rhysling anthology, but it's NOT to be missed!)
The Martyr of Baikonur by India Valentin in Liminality (another first-time poetry sale, iirc)
Feather by Mari Ness in Goblin Fruit
Demands Mari Ness in Goblin Fruit*
A Summoning of Monsters Jack Hollis Marr in Liminality
Long Ear Sofia Samatar in Stone Telling

So much poetry goodness out there! Enjoy. 
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